A selection of refurbished seats from Hexam Forum Cinema

We are committed to working together with our staff, suppliers and clients to build our operations around a solid sustainability ethos.

We know that just 20% of greenhouse gases are produced by the manufacturers themselves – the other 80% come from moving parts and goods around.

Colin Elkins, Global Industry Director, Process manufacturing, IFS

To this end we manufacture in the UK and use a network of local and UK suppliers to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our chairs for the UK market.  

The structural components of our chairs are robust so the upholstery can be renewed and/or redesigned as preferred to create a new look for the chairs without renewing all the basic chair components.  

Refurbishment means less waste and can be an economical option for your existing chairs.

Steel is used for our chair standards and can be recycled indefinitely without losing its properties.

We use a local timber supplier who ensures all timber products are legally harvested from well managed forests.  We also offer a range of wooden frames and cupholders as an alternative to plastic options.

In the factory we endeavour to limit waste and promote re-use and recycling wherever possible and we work with a local non-profit organisation called Scrapstore who reuse our offcuts of fabric,  foam, timber and whatever else they can find useful.